Flooring Jacksonville, FL

Flooring is one of the best ways to add value to your home. Floors, kitchen, bathroom is what we like to refer to as the holy triad of home value. If you take care of those three things you are 80% of your way done with your home rehab. Take a look at these quick tips before you dive head first into your project for flooring Jacksonville, FL.


Finding the right flooring installer

Finding the right installer might be the most important step in your flooring installation project. A good flooring installer will be able to adjust to the materials provided to ensure your floor looks perfect, regardless of the quality of flooring product. If you prefer to purchase flooring material yourself,  the installer can provide a list of items for you since he knows exactly what is needed to complete your project.

Purchase all materials needed for flooring Jacksonville, FL

For a flooring project, there are other materials needed besides the flooring product. It could be the padding or underlayment for laminate flooring, tar roofing paper for solid hardwood, glue adhesive for engineered wood or durock and thinset for tile. You will also need transition pieces between your new floor and other areas with a different type of flooring. Quarter round (shoe molding) is another material needed in the installation process. This will cover the space created between your floor and baseboards or walls.

Keep your new wood floor planks inside for 48 to 72 hours

After purchasing a wood or laminate flooring you need to acclimate it to the temperature in your house. Hardwood or laminate flooring will expand and contract in time under natural conditions. In order to reduce this movement to a minimum, you need to give your floor enough time to get used to the conditions inside your house.

Keep AC/Heat on for at least 2 weeks prior to your installation

Wood products can only be installed in livable houses, with windows and doors installed and with AC/Heat systems in place and working. Make sure you keep a steady temperature before the flooring installation and after your floors are installed.

Prep the installation area

This step includes moving the furniture, fixing any leaks which can damage the new floor, removing carpet on the existing floors, fixing any squeaks and leveling the subfloor. This is considered the first step of the installation.


For proper installation you need to be informed. The more information you have the better results you will have for a high quality installation. Get in touch with some local specialists for flooring Jacksonville, FL.